Issue: July/August 2005

First Word

Surely it’s better to settle the disputes over RAs than to have a series of drawn-out court actions. Life offices and government should sit down to talk through the problems before they become systemic. Read full article...

Principles for Principals

Principal officers are low-key heroes of retirement funds. They’re instrumental in keeping the show on the road. Trustees specifically, and fund members generally, must get to know more about them. Calls for improved education and proper accreditation deserve support. Read full article...

This & That

Rumbles of worker pressure on a large employer for a switch back from DC to DB, and other things.

Expert View

A latter-day campaign by Lord Joffe, for reform of the retirement-fund industry in the United Kingdom, has relevance for modern-day South Africa.


Trustees should become more empowered by the revised code. Instead, by not recognising indirect shareholdings, the code has the opposite effect.

Big Issue

The JSE has again begun to examine its Listings rule that financial notices on SENS be replicated in print media. About time, if these notices are to be understood by stakeholders.


Whichever way the Constitutional Court decides on same-sex marriages, there will in any event be important implications for pension benefits.

Consumer Corner

An experienced trustee admits to what he doesn’t know. Less experienced trustees should ask themselves the same questions, and look for answers. Who’ll supply them?


Life expectancies are rising and birth rates falling. An HSBC survey shows how this demographic shift will impact on the future of retirement, and on retirement products, for service providers and governments.


Ethics of entertainment.