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Our Purpose

Today’s Trustee strives to stimulate debate and influence policy on matters vital to those who administer retirement funds, thus to benefit the millions of South Africans who save through them.

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What the JSE's delisting crisis means for your pension fund.
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The 2 pot ides of March

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Was it all a
giant waste of Time?
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Can the delisting scourge be rolled back?
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Don't panic:
The NHI will take years to happen
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Sabres rattle over Godongwana's spending cuts
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Will shaming errant employers make a difference?
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Today Trustee seeks to strengthen the empowerment of retirement-fund trustees and principal officers by helping to promote the skills and awareness required for performance of their duties.


Today’s Trustee’s overriding philosophy is to help accelerate the achievement of a stakeholder democracy by carrying content of a primarily educational nature, consistent with objectives of the Financial Sector Code.


Today’s Trustee has the most credible impact amongst key stakeholders who value its independent editorial and insight into the pensions industry.

About Today’s Trustee


Today’s Trustee is a highly niched publication specifically for the principal officers and trustees of SA retirement funds. Digitalisation has enabled it to expand increasingly into the membership space as well.

Latest articles from Today’s Trustee

Delving into the unknown

AMRI founder, Muitheri Wahome, ponders the steps retirement fund trustees should be considering right now.

Power and influence

Retirement funds are uniquely positioned to drive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment in South Africa, insists Sanlam.

Decoding the Akani “bribery” claims

The FSCA is investigating, Akani is appealing, and the retirement investment industry waits. The Chemical Industries National Provident Fund (CINPF) has a long and troubled history which, despite the efforts of its current board, it seems unable to put behind it.

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