About Us

By virtue of its reach, reputation and readability, TT is a unique participant in the retirement-fund industry. Alone in its editorial independence from regulators and service providers, its distinctive position is to challenge argument and stimulate debate on matters critical to those who administer retirement funds and to the many millions of South Africans who save through them.

This contribution to the industry is as necessary as it is unrivalled.

Launched in 2005 as a quarterly magazine it was independently-owned and managed by founder Allan Greenblo whose passion for the industry ensured that TT became the most admired publication in the pension fund industry and beyond.

Allan sadly passed away in October 2021 but a dedicated editorial board stepped in to ensure that his legacy lives on and this highly niched publication remains essential reading for principal officers and trustees of SA retirement funds . TT will continue the fine tradition of journalistic standards that Allan always insisted on to remain the one publication that illuminates the world of the modern trustee.



The purpose of Today’s Trustee is to help promote the mass empowerment of retirement-fund officers and members for the social good of themselves and South Africa.

It does so by a unique combination of editorials and sponsorships, the former to stimulate awareness on topical issues and the latter to extend educational support.

Unafraid of controversy, the publication strives to be the Watchdog of the retirement-fund industry


  • Standing alone on editorial independence from regulators and service providers, credibility is crucial in the exposure of controversy. From this distinctive platform Today’s Trustee seeks to stimulate debate and influence policy on matters vital to those who administer retirement funds. The purpose is thus to benefit the many millions of South Africans who save through them.
  • Assist principal officers and trustees in the performance of their fiduciary duties;
  • Offer a platform for the distribution of information and exchange of ideas between financial-sector regulators, service providers, fund officials and members;
  • Encourage stakeholder activism of pension funds in line with bestpractice environmental, social and governance principles.



Riana Greenblo

Editorial Board Rob Rose, Rosemary Hunter, Rowan Burger and Phakamisa Ndzamela.

Thalia Pallotta

Production & Layout
Leanne Flint Pooley


Accounts Administration
Sheryl Lowenthal



Key characteristic is independence of expression, free from industry or government interventions. This is seen as fundamental to credibility for enhancing awareness and stimulating thought on topical (and often controversial) policy issues pertinent to retirement funds.

There is also content of a primarily educational nature, consistent with objectives of the Financial Sector Code.



aim to continue the tradition of critical independence which was so important to Allan and the success of Today’s Trustee.

The new sole shareholder is Allan’s wife, Riana Greenblo, who is supported and guided by the editorial board of Rob Rose, Rosemary Hunter, Rowan Burger and Phakamisa Ndzamela.



The magazines are distributed electronically without charge to a unique database of 8 300 principal officers and trustees including such other industry participants as asset managers.

  • Hard copies also distributed at numerous trustee workshops, training sessions and conferences such as those held by the Batseta Council of Retirement Funds, while erratic delivery through the SA Post Office has necessitated further distribution of hard copies via alternative subscriber channels.

While the structure of the industry increasingly consolidates into umbrella funds, their management committees have also become target areas for expanded and essential readership.