A quick industry read

ANC has been gaining ground. Oddly, that’s a good thing

Despite what seems like an all-out effort by the ANC to hollow out the state of all its resources, a strong showing for the ruling party in the upcoming elections could prevent even bigger short-term problems for SA’s markets.

The gradual rage against the machine

Despite clear physical challenges, to many it seems the future domination of Artificial Intelligence through Large Language Models is inevitable

Two pots — just four months to go, and many balls in the air

Trustees, administrators and lawyers are furiously scrambling to prepare for the system, which will give members access to their savings through a savings pot seeded with existing savings and topped up with one third of all future contributions

A focus on rural development

Rural areas often face challenges in accessing essential goods and services, due to limited infrastructure and economic opportunities.

How China’s slowdown is whacking your investment

The FSCA has released new research into the cryptocurrency market in South Africa, and looks set to license its first group of operators in the next few months. What does this mean for your pension fund?

ANC spectre of prescribed assets lays bare policy contradictions

The flash point is the re-emergence of a plan that many thought had long been torched: prescribed assets. This is a policy that forces retirement funds to invest a percentage of their assets in a specified way, such as in state-owned entities such as Eskom, or in infrastructure projects.