The Construction Industry Retirement Benefit Fund is in need of an Independent Trustee.

The Construction Industry Retirement Benefit Fund (the Fund) is seeking the services of an Independent Trustee, as required in terms of its registered rules.

The Construction Industry Retirement Benefit Fund is a Type B umbrella fund with 153 participating employers and over 10 480 members.

On confirmation and acceptance of appointment, a formal contract will be concluded between the fund and the successful applicant.


The following expectations are required to be met by the Independent Trustee:

  1. To carry out the duties and responsibilities imposed on a trustee in terms of the Pension Funds Act and its regulations and directives, as well as compliance with all other relevant legislation, including future legislation to be enacted;
  2. To comply with the fund’s registered rules and the Trustee Code of Conduct and any other related fund governance policies;
  3. To discharge any functions, instructions or duties assigned from time to time by the Board of Trustees;
  4. To interact with the fund’s service providers in respect to service providers’ specific duties and responsibilities to the fund.
  5. To attend all formal trustee meetings of the fund, there at least four meetings per annum;
  6. To attend sub-committee meetings of the fund, as requested from time to time by the trustees;
  7. To adequately prepare for and participate in the meetings and discussions and the decision-making process at such meetings;
  8. To ensure confidentiality at all times in respect of any information regarding the fund, members and intellectual property of the service providers.

The following specifics are to be noted:

  1. The applicant must have formal tertiary education and any professional membership in good standing will be advantageous.
  2. The applicant must be able to provide evidence of completion of the Trustee Toolkit.
  3. The following experience will be advantageous:
    • Experience in the construction industry
    • Experience in labour union funds.
  4. The applicant cannot be a fund member or be employed by any of the participating employers;

How to apply

  • Submit your CV, together with a cover letter confirming providing the following information, by 7 September 2023:
  • Any actual or potential conflicts of interest by indicating relationships with employers, labour unions, retirement fund service providers, insurers, asset managers etc;
  • Number of current funds and the capacity of involvement;
  • Confirm whether he/she is a previously disadvantaged individual;
  • Confirm whether he/she has a criminal record;
  • The applicant must provide proof of SARS and VAT compliance;
  • Confirm that he/she is not an un-rehabilitated insolvent;
  • Confirm and provide proof of successful completion of the Trustee Toolkit;
  • Indicate the desired remuneration structure and Rand value thereof (fixed monthly retainer or hourly fee charge).

Application process

Applications must be emailed by no later than 7 September 2023 to:

Only shortlisted candidates who are selected for interviews will be contacted.

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